Project: Subterfuge

The Banthaworks Incident

Welcome any and all to the first game session of our little RP group. We are all first-time gamers; even me, the GM. I guided everyone through the character-creation process, and we came up with the following party: Human Scoundrel Bothan Scout Gungan Noble Wookiee Soldier Zabrak Soldier

The Adventure: The players met up at a recruiting fair for the Rebellion. After pledging their allegiance against the Empire, they met Captain Bothak of the trade vessel “Starferry”. He detailed how his ship was being held at the Banthaworks processing plant. One week prior the captain had come to Tatooine to drop off a moisture shipment and pick up a shipment of fertilizer destined for the food production facilities of Duros. Quickly after docking at Banthaworks, a horde of Tusken Raiders invaded the facility, driving everyone away and killing any who were foolish enough to stay. Bothak offered the Party a ride to Mos Eisley if they would liberate his ship. The adventurers set out for the plant. They made it through five Tuskens with relative ease, and got to the “Starferry”. Once inside, the two mechanics had to get the ship back up to working order after sitting in the desert for a week. This was complicated by the new arrival of a Bantha-mounted Tusken, who broke through the outer fence and charged the ship. The Gungan noble quickly manned the ship’s turbolaser and made short work of the Bantha. Finally the mechanics got the ship up and running, and they piloted it safely back to the rebel fair where Captain Bothak was waiting.


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